We really appreciate the enthusiasm that Mr. Richards brough to the show. He had to modify it to fit preschoo lage children and he did a great job. We were all laughing and enjoying the Bfit message. I look forward to booking future shows. Thank you.
Qazime Beqiri
Star International Academy
Dearborn Heights, MI

The presenter was very energetic and engaging. The students and staff really enjoyed the program.
Zachary Laurie
Brooke Elementary
Limerick, PA

Brian Richards was energetic and knew how to engage the audience and keep them interested.  There were positive reviews from both teachers and children.
Shellie Gurian
Perry L. Drew School
East Windsor, NJ

Brian was fantastic.  He engaged the kids from the first minute and did a great job of keeping their attention and getting them involved.  I don't know who enjoyed it more the students or the teachers.  What a great way to get young kids to think about nutrition and fitness.
Nancy Schiedermayer RN BSN
Clallam Bay Schools
Clallam Bay, WA

The Art of Inspiration

I just wanted you to know what a delight it was to meet and enjoy Richard this morning. Our children loved his presentation and the murals he left for us are beautiful and vibrant reminders of the day and the message. We had a great time chatting, as well. So...a great experience, a wonderful, authentic and gifted presenter and...you were pretty incredible, too. Every encounter was a positive one. You couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful.
Dr. Karen C. Dietrich - Executive Director
Catholic School Partnership
Camden, NJ

The Art of Inspiration

What an EXCELLENT presentation!  Mr. Hight is an excellent artist as well as an outstanding storyteller.  His message was inspiring and his assembly kept all of the students engaged and interested by using music, art and storytelling to encourage students to find their talents and then serve others.  It was one of the best school presenttions I have ever seen!
Cathy Stapleton
Amelia HS
Batavia, OH

The Art of Inspiration

The students loved it! Very entertaining, wonderful storyteller. The students were inspired to draw their own patriotic drawings after the show.Richard was very professional, easy to work with, receptive to our needs.  Many teachers commented on the quality of the artistry and loved the story. One teacher said it was the best assembly she has ever seen. Another said it made her want to be a better mother after hearing the message. Overall positive experience and wonderful show. Thank you!
Leah Valente
Memorial School
Milford, MA

The Art of Inspiration

Richard was absolutely wonderful!!  His artwork was unbelievable and his stories were inspiring.  All the teachers and students were amazed and are still talking about the assembly.  Everyone is extremely excited to hang his artwork in our school for all to see.  I would highly recommend this program to everyone.  No matter what age - Richard offers an important message for all - do what you are best at and don not get caught up in what you are not good at!  Focus on the positive!  WE LOVED HIM!!!
Karen Golembieski
New Monmouth ES
Middletown, NJ

The Art of Inspiration

What a beautiful presentation Richard brought to St. James School!  We have gotten all positive feedback from parents, teachers, students and a visiting school!   Everything was just right,  down to the music (loved Somewhere Over the Rainbow, by Eva Cassidy).  We enjoyed meeting Richard's family it brought a special touch to assembly.
Brad, please pass on our thanks to Richard, we will display "Under His Wing" up high, so we all fit under the wing!

Cindy DiClementi
St. James School
Arlington Heights, IL

The Art of Inspiration

I just had to take a moment to write and thank you so very much for the phenomenal performances you gave at the Green Brook Middle School yesterday.  In my four years as PTO President, I've only known of one other assembly that has stirred our school community the way you have.  Your assemblies were a topic of conversation at our PTO meeting last evening and from what I understand, at the basketball game as well.  As I walked through the halls yesterday, teachers and students alike were stopping to tell me how great the assembly was and how "cool" you were.  Sharing your personal stories really spoke to the students as I understand from the parents that many went home and relayed them.  You certainly are blessed and I thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with the world.
Lisa Couch, President
Green Brook PTO
Green Brook, NJ

The Art of Inspiration

Richard Hight is an engaging, motivational, talented presenter.  He weaves a story that reflects honesty, and provides not only a masterful piece of art when he is finished, but leaves a lasting impression of integrity and a message of inspiration.  We would have him back again!
Marian Hendershot
JR Bolger Middle School
Keansburg, NJ

The Art of Inspiration

We recently had Richard Hight at our MLK assembly. He did 2 separate assemblies and bother were wonderful. To see his work created before the eyes of the students was amazing. He did an MLK portrait for us as well as a beautiful Lion (our mascot). We actually framed and plexiglasses these and have them hanging in our cafeteria/commons. We hope to someday build a new school and these will travel to the new school.
Highly recommended  as he speaks of following your passion and strengths.

Kris L. Petersen
Lynden MS
Lynden, WA

The Art of Inspiration

I just wanted you to know how much the kids loved his presentation. He really was wonderful, and even the teachers have been stopping by my office to let me know how much they enjoyed him. After his presentation, he went into the first period Art Class to speak to the students for a little while. That was really nice of him, and the kids were thrilled. Thank you so much for suggesting him for us!
Dot Stranix
Bishop Shanahan High School
Downingtown, PA

The Art of Inspiration

I have to be honest.  I was a bit nervous...how a middle aged man drawing on a sheet was going to hold the attention of k-6th graders.  I was so pleasantly surprised.  He mesmerize not only the students but the teachers as well.  We had him do 2 shows (morning and afternoon) and he was amazing both times.  The kids listened to him speak about how he became an artist at a young age.  They also sat there QUIETLY (yes you read right) and watched him create on his canvas. He was not only an amazing entertainer but I have to tell you he was a great man to work with.  I would HIGHLY recommend him to any age audience.
Mariah Drenth-Cormick
Butler ES
Chalfont, PA

The Art of Inspiration

Richard was great. He had the audience in the palm of his hand. The students and business and industry representatives were in awe of the art as well as his story. Plus he is a genuine individual who took the time to share his life experience with the students at his lunch table. One of the best, if not the best, motivational speakers that we have had in the 17 years that we have been doing our "Connections to the Future." Thank-you!!!!
Rocky Bettar
Rowland Unified School District
Rowland Heights, CA

This is for the show we had on October 8th with Jim Mitchell as the performer.  The audience was our older kids 3rd-5th grade.  Jim was absolutely amazing!  He really engaged the kids in the interactive performance with his high energy, comedy, and props.  Many, many staff members approached me after the show commenting how great the assembly was.  The students seemed to enjoy the show while really hearing the message about bullying.  Will highly recommend Jim and this presentation for older students to other schools in our area.
Dana Walker
William B. Gibbs Jr. ES
Germantown, MD

Funny and informative. The kids loved it and the teachers thought that it was helpful in starting conversations with their kids in class. It backed our school initiative perfectly. It was nice to finally find a bullying program that focused on bullying but wasn't dry for the kids!
Karen Bliven
Glade ES
Walkersville, MD


The assembly was really great! There was a perfect balance of substance and entertainment. We will use the acronyms as part of our continued efforts with anti-bullying at our school.
Patti Cuenin
Mosher Elementary
Stockton, CA

Jim did a very good job with the students at my school and I appreciated the message. We do Steps to Respect here and his message was very close to the message we use. Jim had also been to our school a previous year doing his magic show and he wowed the students then, too! I highly recommend either show.
Jennifer Livingston
St. Mary's Public School
Mt. Angel, OR

Jim did a great job engaging the students on a topic that can be tough to explain and understand.  The students were enthusiastic and happy to volunteer.  It was fun for our Kindergartners as well as our Sixth graders.  This assembly was a great overview on the topic of Bullying and how a student should handle themselves when confronted with this issue.
Mireille Wannemuehler
Saint Louis de Montfort Catholic School
Fishers, IN

Great program! Students were engaged throughout. Your gestures, mannerisms and every movement was geared to the grade level of the audience (k-3). Your ability to relate to the students and maintain their interest was phenomenal. You endeared yourself to the students and they became willing participants and learners. We thank you for coming.
Dr. Willie H. Maddox, Jr.-Principal/AAO
Thomas Richards & Atco Elementary Schools
Waterford, NJ

Teachers and administration were all very pleased with the show.  The children thoroughly enjoyed it and were very involved and vested in the show.  The presenter was able to adapt the material for the wide range of audience we house at our school from K-5 and also a very large special needs population with children as young as preschool.
Maria Mato
Newbury School
Howell, NJ

Jim did a great job for presenting the facts about bullying in an easy and engaging format!  Would highly recommend to other schools who might be looking for an anti- bullying assembly for their school.
Carolyn Scheck
Carl Sandburg Elementary School
Wheaton, IL

GREAT assembly and message!  Love the acronyms (SAFE & HERO).  We will be using these in our daily language in our school.  Performer held the audience's attention and my students LOVED the show.
Jennifer Richmond
CPS Elementary
Carsonville, MI


Excellent! Mr. Jim Mitchell was very energetic, fun, and enthusiastic.  I really love the way Mr. Mitchell delivered the information about bully to our students and teachers.  I am very pleased with the presentation.
Zuleyka Cruz
Luis Belliard School
New York, NY