Scream and Shout was great.  Mike was able to handle a large group of kids from Kindergarten through 8th grade and relay the message of the show to each grade level.  He had everyone up and dancing including many of the teachers!  The kids loved it.
Susan Locascio
Assumption School
Morristown, NJ

Just wanted to email you and let you know that we had Mr. G (Mike) come and share Scream & Shout with our school today. We loved him!!!! Have gotten great feedback already. He had a great message to share in such a fun way. Not sure the kids even realized they were learning. He was a pleasure to work with from start to finish.
Andrea Ronan-PTA Cultural Arts
John G Dinkelmeyer  School
North Bellmore, NY

One of our best field days ever. The children, as well as the adults had so much fun. Mr. G did a fantastic job. We love the added bonus incorporating valuable messages for the kids. A must keep on our rotation of assemblies.
Michele Wytas
Haddam Elementary
Haddam, CT

I just wanted to send a note letting you know how much the students and staff here at Union Academy enjoyed the Scream N’ Shout program this morning.   The teachers were saying how great they thought it was and wished we could have a program like it everyday to get everyone up and going.  Mr. G had the students’ attention throughout the program and was very entertaining.  His lesson on character and anti-bullying were perfect for our school.  We truly enjoyed it and want to have Mr. G back again next year.
Jennifer Mattison-Lower School Activities Director
Union Academy
Monroe, NC

The 5-A-Day Assembly was excellent. The message was clear, the magic was wonderful, and the students' reactions were explosive! We will definitely have you back!
Tanya Clark, Principal
Fairfield Primary School
Fairfield, NJ

The show was amazing! The kids were hysterical laughing, and learning at the same time! They left the assembly singing the 5 a day song and telling each other how fun the show was. The teachers at the school were just as impressed. I will definitely book this show again, and recommend it to friends at other schools!
Kelly Molito
Conley Elementary School
Whitman, MA

Mr. Richards was very professional. He arrived to set up well ahead of time and put on two great shows. The kids seemed to have a wonderful time. Lots of laughter and learning took place. My 4th grader said the show was \\"totally awesome,\\" and my kindergartener still talks about the various concepts he discussed, such as the importance of fiber and different vitamins from fruits and veggies.
Kathy Kreiman, PTA Programs Co-Chair
Ardmore Elementary School
Villa Park, IL

This was our first family fitness night and having your program included absolutely made the night even better. Brian kept the audience amused and entertained but also provided great information. It was a terrific show!
Lisa McCoy
George Washington Carver Elementary School
Lexington Park, MD

Brian did a marvelous show. He was funny, kept the children interested, taught a valuable life lesson on good nutrition, and stayed within our time constraints. My son bought raisins with his lunch that day - the first time ever! And he came home later that day searching for bananas, and at dinner requested an apple! That was clearly a result of the message Brian shared in his program. Excellent show.
Joanne Hughes
Wicoff Elementary School
Plainsboro, NJ

Very interactive with students and staff. Highlighted "color your plate" with the five colors of fruit and vegetables. Nutrition magic was also incorporated in the message.  Well received by the school community. Teachers commented it would be great to have the presenter return to UPE.
Debbie Schroer
Upper Providence ES
Royersford, PA

Brian used a combination of magic, humor and interactivity with the audience to get his very serious message across to our elementary school students.  The students were hysterical most of the time, but they understood the  importance of eating at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. He was a big hit!
Mary DeBonis Soccio
Washington ES
West Caldwell, NJ

This performance was a great culminating activity for Nutrition Month. It reviewed the importance of healthy fruits and vegetables in a very age-appropriate and entertaining way. Wonderful show for the students! Just the right amount of magic and facts rolled into one!
N. Carillo
Rolling Hills Primary School
Vernon, NJ

Our students and faculty just raved about Brian and his nutrition assembly!  The kids were engaged the whole time and the faculty and staff were very impressed with the content!  We would love to have him back for the Reading assembly sometime!
Wendy Nesbitt
Darlington ES
Darlington, MD

Brian is a true entertainer, and a magician.  He is also a great teacher!   The feedback from teachers and students has been very positive. The topic is pertinent and relevant.  I recommend this assembly and Brian very highly.  Well worth the investment.
Kris Brown
St. Joseph School
Seattle, WA


What an absolutely engaging, educational and entertaining program! Brent was wonderful, sincere and genuine. He had a smile on everyone's face. Great interaction with the students. Everyone was able to get into the act and the piece of music we made at the end was really spectacular! I've had several parents and teachers tell me that it was the best cultural arts performance they've seen at the school.
Maureen Bucell
St. Joseph School
Wakefield, MA

Mr. Daniels was very professional, extremely talented and did a phenomenal job of engaging the students. Not only does he clearly have a natural talent with music but his enthusiasm and passion for education clearly shines through in his presentation. He seemed to be enjoying our students equally as much as they enjoyed him. We would gladly recommend him to other schools AND welcome him back to ours!
Melinda Ellis
First Christian School
Napa, CA


Brent was fantastic.  The kids had a great time.  The inclusive aspect of his performance is an added plus.  The kids talked about it for quite some time afterwards.  Brent did a great job of relating to the kids; the message of staying in school and doing their best was very clear and appreciated; and he's a great guy.  The adults also spoke very highly of his performance. Thanks for a great pair of assemblies!
Marshall Miranda
Poulsbo Middle School
Poulsbo, WA

Brent Daniels did an incredible job motivating my elementary students and staff.  So many kids came to see me after the program to thank me for inviting him to come to our school.  The faculty lounge was all a buzz about his outstanding program and the way he connected with the children.
Bruce Shafferman
Lowes Island Elementary
Sterling, VA

Technological Music Productions was a great end of year assembly for our K-5! Our students were both enthralled and energized by Brent's musical ability. He is fun and engaging performer, who teaches kids that all aspects of their  education make it possible for any kid  to create music using technology. Parents have told me that their kids, who have never mentioned any other assembly in the past  to them, came home and raved about this one.
MaryAnne Troy
Glenwood Elementary
Media, PA

Brent kept our students engaged and entertained. The parents and the staff that were lucky enough to see the program were equally amazed. I have heard nothing but positive comments about the show. Thank you for providing quality education and entertainment.
Stephanie Godfrey
North Marion Intermediate School
Aurora, OR

The theme of the show coupled with the energy of Brent Daniels made this assembly a huge success. The staff and students were engaged the entire time with smiles on their faces and music in the hearts!
Joe Pisacane
Roosevelt School
Hawthorne, NJ


Very interactive.  The kids loved it.  It met the needs of the younger and older students, as well as the students with special needs in our building. Jim did a great job!
TerrieAnn Jones
Winston Campus Elementary
Palatine, IL

The math performance was engaging and demonstrative as to the practical use of math. Students were entertained, involved, focused and active participants in the performance. The performer knew how to encourage student participation. He also appeared to enjoy his job! Awesome experience!
D Stanton
JL Francis ES
Richmond, VA

We enjoyed the math assembly today at Rodgers Forge Elementary.  The presentation engaged the students and gave them opportunities to participate.  The presenter was energetic and flexible-lots of humor.  He used a wide variety of strategies, from juggling to cooking, to teach as well as entertain.
Lisa Tierney
Rogers Forge Elementary
Baltimore, MD

Jim has been to our school before. He was great then and he was great this time as well! Very engaging and an excellent message.
Leann McCormack
Dunbarton Elementary School
Dunbarton, NH