Once again, thank you for an extremely rewarding and high energy performance that charged the "chemistry neurons" in many of our kids minds. The kids are still talking about your dance moves and the mask. You make a geniue connection with the kids. Your sincerity and knowledge explode with a complete infusion of laughter, learning and excitement!
Jo Ann Summer Lee
6th Grade Science
Binghamton, NY

At the onset of the school year, we had a fire that destroyed a good portion of our science equipment.  It has been a difficult year putting our program back together. Your visit, which was filled with high energy and fun facts, made Science come to life again here at George Washington Elementary School. The children are already clamoring for your return next school year!
Terry Glaney, Principal
George Washington School
West Hempstead, NY

Jeff was great! He really knew how to relate to our students. We enjoyed having him visit with both of our elementary schools. Jeff is an alumnae at Roberge School. He even shared photos with us. It was wonderful for our students to see what the future can be with hard work and dedication. Jeff made Science FUN!
Our teachers enjoyed his presentation as well! Keep on Dancing!

Geralynn Della Pesca
Roberge School
Woodside School
River Vale, NJ


Students were engaged and energetic. Asked for participation from the audience. Addressed GLE's in Science and at the same time entertained the students with dancing. Taught the studetns that they can learn how to do anything if they set their mind to it. Very well done!
Katie Vaccaro
Broad Street School
Nashua, NH

Jeff did a tremendous job adjusting his presentations to each level of student. The kindergarten responded just as well as the 4th grade. What a great way to launch our science fair. Word spread fast. Another elementary in the district will be calling to schedule. Thanks for an amazing show!
Keri Lange
Yahara Elementary School
DeForest, WI

Thank you for the wonderful assembly.  The students, faculty and staff were buzzing about it all day. It was entertaining and fun and we are pleased we went with the Tournament of Science for our winter assembly.
Yvette Montoya
Sterling ES
Sterling, VA

Everyone loved the assembly and Kate!!  They said Kate kept the kids engaged (which we all know how hard that is!!!)  The parents and teachers liked how it went from science lesson to experiments - This was the homerun we needed for an assembly!
Jo Ann Fink
Maplewood Intermediate
Huntington Station, NY

We LOVED Steve Granata today!! He was FABULOUS! His message was perfect, his skills AMAZING and he was polite and worked well with our staff and our timeframe of when the gym was going to be available to him.
We all enjoyed him immensely. He really captured the kids' attention while delivering a very important message of Give it your best, and Never give up!! Many thanks to Steve and Academic Entertainment!! I am happy to be a reference anytime!

Alison Needelman
Alberta Rider Elementary School
Tigard, OR

Steve was FABULOUS! The kids really enjoyed his basketball tricks and wild spinning abilities. They also learned from his positive message about believing in yourself, never giving up, and always do your best!! He is an excellent motivator and we're so glad to have had him come to our school!!  We highly recommend him to other schools!
Mary Tramonte
Hurld ES
Woburn, MA

He showed up on time, and had minimal preparation/take down requirements.  I liked how the exhibition was on the floor, with the kids all around him.  I also loved that he got some volunteer students to use in part of the exhibition.  I was able to watch both the K-2 and the 3-5 grade performances, and I appreciated how he changed the show just slightly for the maturity level of the students.  At Harmony, we enjoy shows that convey the Red Ribbon Week/Drug Free lifestyle theme without going overboard into discussions about drug use.  Steve Granata was obviously accustomed to school audiences. and with only a short conversation about our needs, he was able to give us exactly what we had hoped for in his message.  I highly reccommend him.
Ami Bailey
Harmony ES
Hemet, CA

The presentation was INCREDIBLE! Steve was very prepared and professional. The best speaker I've had yet. He even brought all of his own stuff as far as sound system, props and material. The students connected with Steve really well and he was able to share with them his personal experience of never giving up, engaging the students in trying something new and leave them with a quote that they can remember. I give Steve my highest recommendation.
Tina Sahakian
Park Tudor School
Indianapolis, IN

The assembly was GREAT! Our students loved it! Steve did an awesome job with his presentation. It was very entertaining and captured the students attention the entire time. It was so much fun to see our students spinning the basketballs. Even the students who were watching had fun! He had a wonderful message too.  He used personal testimony and basketballs to illustrate each point. We would highly recommend him, without hesitation!
Thank you for coming to our school, Steve!

Pam Sinnett, RN
Lexington Community School
Lexington, IL

Steve put on a WONDERFUL show!  He kept the interest of both the kids and adults.  He got everyone involved and enjoying themselves.  The kids watched him in amazement as he did his tricks, but they also listened when he spoke about his message.  The message for the program was simple but effective.  The students and staff want to thank him for such a great show!
Nichole Rebholz
Burchfield Primary
Allison Park, PA

Steve was so nice and professional. Our kids loved him. He had a very good message to share with our students. It was a nicely paced program where he shared some basketball skills, & then stopped to talk. We liked that. He demonstrated his message very well.
Barb Layman
St. Joseph School Sylvania
Sylvania, OH

The assemblies were great!  Steve did a wonderful job (altering the show for the appropriate audiences)!  The feedback we received from parents, students and faculty, was the students really enjoyed it. Several of our younger students wrote about the assembly during their writer workshops.  The assemblies tied in very nicely with our initiatives around character education.  Steve did a great job keeping the kids attention with his basketball tricks, while sharing the important messages.  Thank you Steve!
Rupa Siegel and Liz Preuster
School Name: Barclay Brook and Brookside Schools
Monroe Township, NJ

Steve was very warm and gracious personally and his show was exciting and fun for the kids.  They were really awed by his basketball skills and several parents mentioned that their kids were repeating some of his messages at home, i.e.  Practice doesn't make perfect but it makes you better!  Winners are made.  Do the right thing.  I would definitely invite him back to Cranbury and refer him to other schools...
Becky Aurilio
Cranbury Elementary
Norwalk, CT

Steve did a wonderful job.  He connected with the kids.  His message was very uplifting, not only for the kids but for the parents.  Great audience participation.
Lola Stedman
Bond Primary School
Assumption, IL


The Signature Project

I just want to let you know Patrick is by far the best assembly we have had in over 5 years.  I am so amazed by his presentation I am willing to travel and pay so that my family can enjoy this presentation as much as I have.  Over 575 students, 50 staff and I are still in complete awe.  Thank you so much for suggesting Patrick Dunning.
Irma Castillo, School Operations Officer
MLK Elementary School
Hanford, CA

The Signature Project

After reading so many great reviews about Patrick Dunning's show, I was still hesitant as I couldn't get a clear idea of what this show is about and whether our K through 5th graders would appreciate it. I am  grateful that I took a chance and welcomed Patrick into our school - the students and faculty loved his show.  It is performance art that incorporates many subjects, that captures the attention of both student and adult.  No matter what your age, you will be inspired by Patrick Dunning's vision, creation and storytelling. My final words -  Patrick's show is not be described, it is to be experienced.
M. Troy
Glenwood Elementary
Media, PA

The Signature Project

Where do I start?  Well it was definitely everyone's favorite assembly.  One of our senior teachers who has been at Woodside for over 22 years and is retiring this year stated it was her favorite.  The kids and students both enjoyed it so very much. I would like to bring Patrick back to our Middle School!  I just received a stack of thank you letters from several students, here are some quotes:
"My favorite assembly because it symbolized freedom and being yourself, it inspired me"
"Patrick showed us how wonderful life could be"
"Patrick Dunning was mind blowing"
"The artist has been working on the Signature Project for 17 years and hasn't quit, I think that is inspiring"

Geralynn Della Pesca
Woodside ES and Roberge ES
River Vale, NJ

The Signature Project

I have been working with the school for the last two years to book their assemblies and this was by far the most well received by teachers, students, and parents. The experience that Patrick gave the students was invaluable. I am still hearing raves about it.
Kendra Griffin
Washington ES
Park Ridge, IL

The Signature Project

Thank you so much for coming to our school (ICS in Kirkland, WA). Your presentation was amazing and inspiring. All the work you have done and are continuing to do just shows how much the world and life is connected and how much we need to appreciate the great gift of life. I feel very honored that you chose our school and even myself to be a part of this fantastic project! Good luck and thank you once more!
Sonia Jaidka
International Community School
Kirkland, WA 

The Signature Project

This assembly was one of the best assemblies we've had at our school. It's a presentation that kept our students, staff and parents focused and amazed throughout the entire show. The kids are still talking about it! Thank you, Patrick for sharing this amazing artistic project with us.
Frosty Lay
Grandhaven Elementary
McMinnville, OR

Scream and Shout, Kidz with Character was all that we expected and more!  Our assembly included students from grades K through 6 and they were ALL engaged and enjoying themselves.  The get up and move aspect of the show really fit with our March is Reading Month Theme which tied physical activity with a focus on Reading.  It was high energy and Mr. G incorporated character education into the program as well.  Great job!!
Peggy Modert
Bronson Elementary Schools
Bronson, MI

Mr. G is absolutely awesome!!! I have children recalling what they have learned from the assembly and they are applying it in the classroom. I have children wanting to write books about responsibility, and trustworthiness! :)
Darleane Lowe
Eva Turner Elementary School
Waldorf, MD