I am happy to let you know that the BMX Show was fantastic!  All of our students, teachers, and parents loved it.  The show was full of excitement, "oohs" and "aahs."  I overheard kids talking about how incredible it was to see the stunt bikers flying upside down and doing flips.  The highlight was certainly when they they jumped over one of the teachers and then over each other, while standing!  The positive message of the show was exactly what we were seeking, and the bike safety message was perfect. Please feel free to have prospective schools contact me if they would like a reference.  I will be certain to pass your contact info along to other schools in my area.  Thanks again for a great show, that topped off a great night at Keene's Crossing.
Lisa Brodsky-Spring Fling Co-Chair
Keene's Crossing ES
Windermere, FL