How to Navigate the New Site

Welcome to our new page! We hope that these instructions will allow you to better navigate our new website!

When you are finished navigating through our site, please click here to comment on it!

The main menu at the top of every page is the best way to navigate through our site.

"Home" Button: this will take you back to the first page no matter where you are on our site. From the home page, each show will "slide show" through in the picture box. In the text box of each picture, click "more" to be taken to that performers page.

"Assemblies" Button: when you scroll over this, a list will pop down of the categories our shows fall under. You may click "Assemblies" or right underneath "Assemblies", "All Shows" to be taken to an uncategorized list of our shows.

         The drop down menu from the"Assemblies" button is a list of categories of shows that we offer. Either click a specific category and you will be taken to all shows that fall under that category, or a specific show from the drop down list.

"Lastest News" Button: this is our blog. All new and important information will be updated here. "Latest Reviews" (under "Latest News" in the drop down menu) will show you a list of the amazing comments people have left about our shows!

"Videos" Button: will take you to a page of videos of most of our shows.

"Info Sheet" Button: will take you to a page with information sheets on every show we offer. A lot of schools use these within the upcoming weeks before an assembly to get the students excited about what they will be experiencing.

"Contact" Button: This is where you can get information from us about our shows, booking information, or any questions you may have for us. Our e-mails and extensions are listed here as well. The "Request Information" button is for inquiring about our shows and the dates they are available. The "Talent Report" button is for after you have had one or our assemblies and you would like to tell us about how the performer(s) did. The "Comment" button is for anything you'd like to tell us: how we are doing, how to improve our new site, etc.

"About" Button: currently under construction.

On the home page and every performer page there is a "Request Info" button. Click to start the booking process, or see when they will be coming to your area. This is the best form of contact we ask for besides calling. 

At the bottom of every page there is a green box with an up ^ arrow in it. This will take you back to the top of every page.

The side to side <> green boxed arrows will scroll through pictures on any page.

On all performer pages there is a short description of each show underneath their pictures. For more detailed information click "Learn More" or download one of our information sheets (.pdf) to the left of the text on the performer page, or from our drop down menu at the top of every page. Below the text on performer pages there are the latest testimonials/reviews and on most pages a smaill video clip about the show.

We hope this helps! If you have additional questions about the site please contact us at: 1-800-883-9883 or at Thanks so much and we hope you enjoy our new website as much as we do!


Sarah Mueller - Office Administrator

AE, Inc.