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Award winning performer Tracey Bell becomes "8 Divas in 44 Minutes" for hundreds of diverse groups from all over the World. Tracey is best known for her interactive, quick-change impersonations of Cher, Marilyn Monroe (photo-double in the TV series "Dead Like Me"), Liza Minelli (National Quality Institute Host), Tina Turner (Breakfast Television, 4 Divas in 4 Minutes), Madonna (Bronfman Engagement), Celine Dion (Scotiabank), Dolly Parton (Canadian Cardiovascular Association) and Shania Twain (Petro Canada Presidents Gala).Tracey customizes characters, costumes, comedic monologues and interactive musical routines for diverse event themes. Special client requests inspired Bell to study cirque skills to fly as Moulin Rouge's Satine and develop impersonations of Lucille Ball (Rat Race Film Launch), Ivana Trump (BC Lotteries), Julie Andrews, Dolly Llama and others.


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